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TradeLens will no longer be offered by ONE and will officially sunset by March 2023.

During this time, ONE will continue to support our customers with the transition.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your local ONE Office or Tradelens contact Joel Schappell ([email protected]) or [email protected].

Our teams are available should you need assistance.



Q: Who will be my main point of contact for transition and contract wind down?


Q: Will I still have access to my data and documents for shipments that are in transit?


  • Tradelens expects that data will be available for shipments in transit unless partners make the decision to wind down the sharing of their data.

Q: What will happen to the platform data?


  • Tradelens will be deleting all data before decommissioning the systems. Once all clients have had their data removed, we will then deprovision the apps from the cloud and do a log purge in line with GDPR and ISO specifications.

Q: When will TradeLens officially close? When does the platform stop operating?


  • The intention is that TradeLens will shut down the platform over the coming months with an
    intended planned last day for platform functionality be 31 March

Q: Does the other data still flow form other ecosystem members and my own client partners?


  • The consignment number is the master identifier that links all other shipment milestones.
    Should an ocean carrier stop providing data, other ecosystem data will no longer be visible – the expectation is that ocean carrier data is on the platform until it goes off line allowing visibility to client partner data.